How to start a blog: Step by Step guide in 2021.

If I am not wrong, you are thinking about how to start a blog because you have decided to start blogging.

Good Decision,

It is a good decision in your life because I decided to blog in my initial journey and it made my life.

Blogging is the best way to generate passive income and finish the financial situation, which helps you to become the boss.

In this blog, I am going to share with you everything about blogging.

DO you know one thing, blogging is not a T20 match, it is a test match ( it means, it will take time to see the result).

Let’s know into it,

How to Start a Blog in 7 Easy Steps.

  • Step #1: Select a perfect niche for your blog.
  • Step #2: Choose a domain name for your blog.
  • Step #3: Choose to host for your blog
  • Step #4: Set up your WordPress blog
  • step #5: Choose a theme for your blog.
  • Step #6: Installed some essential plugin.
  • Step #7: Write and publish a blog post.
  • step #8: Optimize your blog content for SEO.

Is it right time to start a blog?

Yes, it is.

if you started today, so you have more opportunities than others how will start later than you because blogging is getting tough day by day.

And you have also the opportunity to earn more money but let me clear one thing. Do you have any idea How much money can a blogger make? 

According to Google…….

How much money can a blogger make

This is the power of blogging. I hope, you must have understood that it is the right time to start a blog.


Step #1: Select a perfect niche for your blog.

Select a perfect niche for your blog.

This is the most important part, and many newbies are stuck at this point.

Did you know? That 99% of bloggers quit blogging in starting six months because they choose the niche which they don’t passionate about.

Choosing a niche is a very confusing topic for the beginner.

But I know, you are still confused about choosing a niche. 

Here is a guide about choosing the right niche

Before choosing a niche you should focus on three things.

  1. Passion
  2. Profit
  3. Market Demand

Step #2: Choose a domain name for your blog.

Choose your website name

Choosing a domain name is not a tough game it is very easy and simple. 

Domain: The domain is basically the URL of your website. Examples: ( is the domain), ( is the domain).

This is my domain name

I make sure you all know about the domain and you also know that how to find the domain name that why I don’t want to explain this topic but you are still confused about finding the domain name you can go with LeanDomainSearch 

LearnDomainSearch is a free domain search website that will help to find your domain name.

Step #3:Choose hosting for your blog.

Choose hosting for your blog

After choosing a domain name, selecting a reliable hosting service will be one of the most important decisions you make.  

Web hosting: web hosting is nothing but a place where upload all file of your blog like you use your the phone of RAM for store files similarly A web hosting is work.

Now you are thinking, which hosing should I buy? 

There are many webs hosting companies in the marketer which you can go with them but I recommend you should go with Bluehost 

Why should you go with Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the webs hosting provider there are more than 2 million websites are using Bluehost, Bluehost has helpful 24/7 live chat and phone support. its performance, Speed test and loading time are good

Here is more in depth

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Starting at 2.75/mo(it has 36 months plan)

Now you have known that why should you go with Bluehost.


So, are you ready to start your blog?

if yes, Let’s go………………..  

Now, Do you want to purchase web hosting from Bluehost but still you are confused about purchasing? Do warry! I will help you.

  1. First of all, you have to click here

       2. View Plans

After clicking Bluehost you can see this and you will have to click the view plans Button 🔳 


          3.  Choose plan

I recommend you to go with basic plans because it is really good for beginner otherwise you can go with any plans whatever you want.

Bluehost plans

       3. Choose your domain name

Domain create

        4. Fill your Account InformaInformation 

Account information

You will have to fill in your Account Information.

        5. Choose your package 

Package information

You Should have to select your account plan but I personally recommend you to go with the basic plan.

    6. Select your Package Extras.

Package Extras

You will have to select your package Extras which you want. if you want domain privacy protection, you can select it but you have to pay extra money for any extra packages.

      7. Fill Your Payment Information(Debit/Credit card information)

Payment Information and terms and conditions

You have to fill in your payment information(Debit/Credit Card details) to start your blog.

After that, you have to select Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. And purses the Submit button.

After submitting your all details the Bluehost will take a few minutes to proceed.

A few minutes later, then you will have to check your email for your account information.

Congratulation! You have successfully purchased a hosting and domain for your blog. 

Now, let’s go on and see how to set up WordPress.

Step #4: Set up your WordPress blog.

Set up your WordPress blog

If you have purchased domain and hosting, you will have to install WordPress setting WordPress is not a tough game it is very simple and easy.

Let’s go to install WordPress.

Firstly, you will have to go to your Bluehost account to create your account.

create account

Now, In this phase, you will have to create your Password.

create account

You will reach the login account page after creating an account. Now you can see two option for login account Hosting Login and Webmail Login but you have to select the hosting login.

Now, fill in your domain name and password and press the login button.

Now your account is completed

log in account

Now, you will have to install your WordPress. installing WordPress is not rocket science. you can log in and use your first click on the “Install WordPress” icon. 

Set up WordPress

 Within a minute, you will redirect to your WordPress dashboard after clicking the WordPress icon button. 

Now, you have completed everything.

if you are not redirected to the WordPress dashboard then you need to do ane things you can go to the browser and simply type your domain name whatever you bought the example will redirect to your login dashboard page.

step #5: Choose a theme for your blog.

Choose a theme for your blog

Choosing a theme is most important for a new blogger. All most 70%to 80% of new blogger are not able to understand the power of the theme.

But, Let me clear one thing why the theme is important?

Because the theme is the first look of your site(this is the face of your site) if it is not good so you are losing a lot of traffic and audience.

There are thousands of free theme available in the WordPress inventory. I don’t recommend you free theme and design if you went to build your business as a brand, but you don’t want to invest, then you can go with the free theme;

Now, Let’s go through selecting a theme step by step.

First, you need to log into your WordPress admin. You can go browser and inter and log in to your WordPress.

wp admin

After login your WordPress admin account, you can see that if you are new to it

WordPress dashboard

 To install a new theme, you can see “Appearance” on the sidebar and click Appearance and click  “themes”. and you will have to click the “Add New” button to get access to thousands of WordPress themes.

Click here and add theme
feature file see

Step #6: Installed some essential plugin.

Installed some essential plugin.

WordPress totally depends on plugins. the Pligings help to SEO, Speed, Optimizes constant, Protect your blog and many more

I can say in a word that plugins are everything for WordPress users.

There is a lot of plugins on WordPress, but there are some plugins that I am currently using and getting benefit out of these,

Here, my favourite plugins.

Yoast SEO – SEO helps to rank and drive a lot of traffic. there are two plugins bast for blogger Yoast SEO and Rank mathe SEO, but I personally use Yoast SEO


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